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Ex-Demo Wiedenmann Terra Brush
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Equipment Description

The Terra Brush is a versatile brush for synthetic and natural use. When set up for synthetic use the Terra Brush is suitable for brushing in sand and rubber crumb. It levels off and breaks down uneven surfaces; disperses rubber crumb and improves ball performance. Importantly it helps return artificial grass blades to standing position so that pitches and carpets look well presented. When set up for natural use it brushes in sand and top dressings very effectively. It can also remove dew and tidies turf as it moves effortlessly over the surface. The Terra Brush works rapidly and consists of four brush rows, two aligned perpendicular to the direction of travel and two in a zig zag arrangement. Such a formation allows an even distribution of sand, lengthwise and crosswise. This example comes with folding wings which extend the working width from 1.87m to 4.05m. If the bristles become worn on one side after a long period of use, the mounting frame on the Terra Brush can be mounted on the other side of the implement’s frame allowing it to be attached to a tractor from the other end. This is thanks to an innovative symmetrical design and means for even and economical use of the brush. This example is currently fitted with a combination of hard and soft bristles to allow increased breadth of ability, it is extremely versatile and suitable for a number of applications. Machinery offered by Fairways Warehouse has to pass the Warehouse inspection which means that you can be assured that they are in good condition.



Wiedenmann Terra Brush

Folding Wings

4.05m Working Width

High Work Capacity

4 Brush Rows

Firm and Soft Bristles

Hydraulic Control

Specifications at a glance

Make - Wiedenmann

Model - Terra Brush

Year - 2019