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Demo Wessex RMX180
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Equipment Description

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The RMX-180, with a 1.8m working width is the smallest of the RMX Series roller mowers. Requiring a tractor of only 30hp, it’s compact design allows easy transport on a trailer – ideal for the contractor needing to transport the machine from site to site. This machine boasts a very impressive quality of cut and is able to operate very efficiently. Machinery offered by Fairways Warehouse has to pass the Warehouse inspection which means that you can be assured that they are in good condition.


QUARTER TURN GUARD FIXINGS – Time saving for ease of maintenance.

FLOATING LINKAGE POINTS – Allows ground contours to be followed accurately.

FULL WIDTH ROLLERS – Follows ground contours accurately, leaving a professional striped effect othe turf.

5MM HEAVY PRESSED STEEL DECK – Integral strength for long service life. Sand blasted and powder coated for maximum durability.

RIGID BELT TENSIONERS – Ensures constant power transmission. No bounce as with a spring tensioner.

SIMPLE CUTTING HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT – Single spanner operation allows infinite cutting height variation. Greasable threads are enclosed beneath the deck to protect from debris.

TWIN BELT DRIVE – For maximum power transmission to cope with larger volumes of grass.

FINAL BELT DECK DRIVE – For ultimate driveline shock protection.

HEAVY DUTY BEVEL GEARBOX – For smooth and quiet operation

ROLLER SCRAPER – Keeps rollers free of debris build-up.

ROTOR BAFFLES – Ensure even grass distribution across the full width of the machine.

SINGLE BLADE BOLT FIXINGS – Are self tightening and act as shock overload protection.

ANTI-SCALP DISCS – Eliminate scalping and protect the turf when cutting very low.

TWIN TAPERED ROLLER BEARINGS – Ensure a long service life, as they are designed to withstand side-thrust when turning during mowing.

CAST ROLLER END CAPS – Keep maintenance costs to a minimum, as components can be replaced individually.

FRICTION WELDED CUTTER SPINDLES – Run in heavy cast housing for maximum durability.

GOLDCUT BLADES – Zone hardened precision blades spin at 96m/sec for premium cut quality at a fast forward speed. Blades pivot to minimise stone damage, and have an upturn to generate suction effect.

Specifications at a glance

Make - Wessex International

Model - RMX180

Year - 2021